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WagTank Louisville

Wellness ~ Action ~ Growth

Personal Coaching Louisville


Our goal in each session is to provide opportunity for growth via mind-health protocols that function in tandem with the body.

Groups Louisville


We facilitate Wagtanks for groups with a wide array of interests: business professionals; grade school, high school, college students; sports teams; mom groups; and more.

Coaching for Moms

Master Class

Discover the 4-Step approach that helps Moms harness stress and throw away their “Mama Measuring Sticks,” ditch "The Perfect Mom Dialogue" and establish their “New Normal”.

What's New In The Wagtank?

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Welcome to the Wagtank!

Welcome to the Wagtank!

Hey! Welcome to the Wagtank! I’m Boss Paws, a mutt-nutty dog from the streets with a knack for feeling funky and a strong interest in figuring it all out. I… Read More »Welcome to the Wagtank!

Get Ready To Wag Your Brain & Everything Else

Get Ready To Wag Your Brain & Everything Else

Hello! You just stepped into the Wagtank™… a thinktank of sorts to promote mental wellness through action and growth. This growth comes from learning how you can be empowered to… Read More »Get Ready To Wag Your Brain & Everything Else

What is the Wagtank?

The Wagtank™ is a thinktank for learning how to embrace the mechanisms of our brain and body in synergy, so we can harness anxiety and address a host of mind health issues that ultimately originate from the same place as anxiety. By incorporating this knowledge and whole-body, brain-supporting routines into your life, you guide your mind and body through a path that allows you to unearth true reality… a neurological playground of untapped perspectives, possibilities and emotions that the brain buried due to its inherent functioning. As the Wagtank provides a platform for unearthing this playground, this reality… it provides evidence-based information, action steps, and support through the website, coaching, and future courses and events (in-person and online). 

Shannon Gambill Coaching in Louisville
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