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Helpful Articles for Adults

  • Welcome to the Wagtank!
    Hey! Welcome to the Wagtank! I’m Boss Paws, a mutt-nutty dog from the streets with a knack for feeling funky and a strong interest in figuring it all out. I mean, where does all this funky feeling stuff come from anyway? I don’t know about you, but my life is full of constant wagging –… Read More »Welcome to the Wagtank!
  • Get Ready To Wag Your Brain & Everything Else
    Hello! You just stepped into the Wagtank™… a thinktank of sorts to promote mental wellness through action and growth. This growth comes from learning how you can be empowered to harness the mechanisms of the most energy-consuming 3 pounds of your body…your brain! Growth also comes from connecting with others and connecting with your true… Read More »Get Ready To Wag Your Brain & Everything Else