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Get Ready To Wag Your Brain & Everything Else

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Hello! You just stepped into the Wagtank™… a thinktank of sorts to promote mental wellness through action and growth. This growth comes from learning how you can be empowered to harness the mechanisms of the most energy-consuming 3 pounds of your body…your brain! Growth also comes from connecting with others and connecting with your true self. It’s a beautiful ride when you really allow yourself to jump in. The goal is to identify how your brain functions, and learn how you can embrace its mechanics to reach a feeling of mind health.

Your body is your subconscious mind… your actions, your expressions, your gestures. And the vast majority of them are automatic. Yes, 95-99% of them… without you thinking about it… Boom!… you give a certain look, say a certain thing, act a certain way. This is oftentimes left up to your “5 year-old brain’s” download of experiences. So how do you change this process? And it is a process… one that is not as easy as just saying a positive thought once in a while. And to make things a little trickier, positive thoughts, if implemented incorrectly, can actually hinder this process.

Our body and our brain are a system, and we need to address the system. We need to set our body up in a good way, as opposed to creating a “set-up” (or pitfall) for our body, which we often do without even realizing it. Unfortunately, this then becomes part of our subconscious that we repeat over and over again. Oh yes, the body gradually and then continually becomes the brain… saying and doing things based on beliefs and experiences from the past.

The body lives the past and plays it out physically… through habits… physical behaviors, facial expressions, tone of voice, words, etc. The body provides a vessel to display your mental and emotional state. And when the brain embeds a negative, stressful, threatening belief based on the past, then stress ensues in the present…and then, in true human form, we project that into the future. And what does that do? You guessed it. It fuels more stress. And stress leads to inflammation, and inflammation leads to health problems of all kinds – social, emotional, behavioral, mental, and physical.

Ugghh! Not a process we benefit from repeating, but we all do it. Our brain was actually designed that way… but I won’t go into that festive discussion right now. In a nutshell, what the brain embeds as beliefs is played out through the body. The body and the brain are inextricably tied to one another.

This is why I say,

“Embody a healthy brain ~ Be a healthy body.”

So, without a doubt, we need to put our system in the position to experience what I call SoMoVial™ health (social, emotional, behavioral, mental, and physical health)… to be “well” in all of these facets of health.

But it generally doesn’t happen all at once… it is a process. And because we are human, and this process can take some time to incorporate into our subconscious daily routine, we can benefit from supports, techniques and tools to facilitate this process.

And that’s what the Wagtank is all about.

So get ready to

Wag Your Brain™ & Everything Else!