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Welcome to the Wagtank!

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Boss Paws

Hey! Welcome to the Wagtank! I’m Boss Paws, a mutt-nutty dog from the streets with a knack for feeling funky and a strong interest in figuring it all out. I mean, where does all this funky feeling stuff come from anyway?

I don’t know about you, but my life is full of constant wagging – you know, up and down, side to side. It’s exhausting! One minute I’m taking charge as a Hero Hound and the next minute I’m a Mutt-Nutty mess freaking out about a gang of insects giving me the “hairy eyeball”. Oh Yeah, I have issues, you better believe it… “IZMs” is what I call them… Issues that Zap my Mojo… mojo being my motivation, enthusiasm or confidence.

But what I’ve come to realize is that I’m not alone with all this IZM business. Everyone else deals with Issues that Zap their Mojo too… at least if they have a brain they do. You see, it’s not really talked about much, but the brain does some fur funky stuff. And a big chunk of this stuff starts the moment we are born. Yep, as it bitty babies (or a squishy-faced puppy in my case).

So, me and the whole Sniff-It Park Crew created the Wagtank. It’s kind of a “think-tank” where we all come together and wag our brains about stuff that goes on… stuff  that sometimes doesn’t really make sense. We bark about how we feel, why we say and do certain things, what’s up with the IZMs, and how we can tap into cool ways our brain and body can work together to help us feel TAIL-tastic! And because we’re Critters, we’ll throw in what we call the “Furr’d Word” to howl about some festive animal info with you too.

Until We Meet Again…

This is Boss Paws – All Wag No Drag!